Teacher Leaders

CRLP Teacher Leaders are former program participants who receive feedback and follow-up on the success of the projects. 

Teacher Leader Criteria

The following are the criteria we consider when recruiting teacher leaders

  • Past experience with RESULTS, SALT, CALL, SEBT or Frontloading Institutes and/or equivalent content knowledge via other professional venues

  • Knowledge of Common Core ELA/ELD Standards, Frameworks and Assessments

  • Working experience teaching English Learners

  • Experience using assessment data and differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students

  • Experience as effective professional presenter and/or potential to become strong presenter with support

  • Commitment to present 20-40 hours of professional development per year for the region

  • Commitment to attend 20 – 30 hours of professional development per year with regional teacher leaders via Teacher Leader Invitational and Study Groups

Responsibilities of Teacher Leaders

  1. Study together over the course of the academic year

  2. Refine and practice facilitation skills

  3. Refine presentation skills

  4. Collaborate to plan regional fee-for-service events

Benefits of Becoming a Teacher Leader

For the teacher:

  • participating in a statewide professional learning community that is highly informed about current research, policies and practices and often affects research, policy and practice in California and beyond
  • traveling to statewide functions
  • collaborating with colleagues from different districts at a regional level
  • developing as a professional in the areas of teaching literacy and language
  • developing as a leader through presenting, coaching, mentoring and facilitating
  • helping to develop professional learning opportunities for other teachers
  • making extra money as a presenter

For the school/district:

Teachers who participate in the CRLP Leadership gain tremendous insight into current practice, research and policy, even before the district introduces them. They practice their leadership skills, which they then employ at their site/district. They are able to share their experiences with colleagues at grade level meetings and at staff meetings. They are knowledgeable about what other districts are doing in the region and the state and are able to share best practices with their sites/districts.

How to Become a Teacher Leader

Each year the CRLP works with and selects approximately 5-10 former program participants to serve as Teacher Leaders. Please contact us directly for more information if you are interested in becoming involved in the CRLP Leadership.