California Subject Matter Project

The California Subject Matter Project (CSMP) is a statewide network of subject-specific professional development programs for teachers.  The University of California Office of the President administers CSMP sites, typically located on UC, CSU, and independent university and college campuses throughout California. CSMP strives to create collaborative programs between regional school districts and universities, bringing together K-12 teachers, and university faculty in a variety of institutes and yearlong programs.  CSMP participants explore effective approaches to teaching, all within a climate that supports reflection and critique.  Participation in CSMP is designed to foster the development of teachers’ capability for leadership within schools and within a larger educational arena.

CSMP has several design features that distinguish it from nearly all other staff development programs for teachers.  

  • Specific disciplines, joining subject matter disciplinary practice with innovative pedagogy.
  • School-university partnerships, including collaboration with teachers in a collegial manner, honoring teacher knowledge.

  • Reflection on teaching through reflection on learning, espousing dialogue and critique.

  • Long-term perspective on teacher knowledge and leadership.

CSMP values the leadership of California’s strong, committed teachers and views teacher leadership as necessary for the improvement of education.  Teacher leadership must represent the diversity of teachers, students, and schools.  CSMP emphasize curriculum and instruction that builds upon all students’ experiences and prior learning, and that enable teachers to work effectively with students whose cultural and linguistic heritage often differs from their own.  

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