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CRLP Results​

Assessments and Analysis that Inform Instruction

Since 1997, thousands of California teachers have participated in CRLP Results. These institutes are organized around three key elements: standards-aligned assessment, teamwork and data analysis, and research-based instruction.

The latest iteration of CRLP Results (2014) has been revised to include current assessments and interventions that support the implementation of the Common Core Foundational Skills standards. This training is a 2-4 day institute, designed to meet the needs of the school/district.

The focus of CRLP Results is on helping teachers make sound instructional decisions about students who are not proficient on benchmark assessments of grade-level ELA content standards.


“From my experience with the California Reading and Literature Project, it was always my dream to work in a school that embraced the principles of in-depth data analysis, teacher leadership, and collaboration.”

- Principal, Jennifer Wildman
in the book Data Teams Success Stories, Vl. 1 by Kristin Anderson