Dyslexia Guidelines Study Session

Wednesday, October 17, 4:30-7:00
UC Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley Center
100 Enterprise Way
Dinner provided
Cost: $50

Please join the CRLP as we explore the recently-developed California Dyslexia Guidelines. Created in collaboration with teachers and experts in the field, these guidelines are designed “to assist regular education teachers, special education teachers, and parents in identifying, assessing, and supporting students with dyslexia” (Torlakson, 2017). 
Participants will:
  • Become familiar with the 2017 California Dyslexia Guidelines
  • Learn a 21st century definition of dyslexia
  • Explore the neuroscience of dyslexia
  • Study the signs of dyslexia in children and adolescents
  • Determine ways to support students with dyslexia
The CRLP is able to provide this training at your site during the school day, in the evening, on weekends and in the summer. We can work around your calendar and customize the content and structure to your specific needs. Please contact the director for more information.