2017 CRLP Literacy Leadership Program

Thanks to a generous grant from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, host of the AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm, the CRLP is able to offer a program to support site and district literacy leadership capacity free of charge to the first twenty registrants. A registration fee of $750 will be charged if others would like to attend beyond the 20, but we will cap the attendance at 30 in order to serve the participants in an intimate, supportive environment.

There will be two strands: one for elementary teachers and one for secondary content area teachers. The two groups will meet together for certain topics and separate on others, and the institute will be tailored to meet the needs of the participants.

This program is ideal for teachers who would like to strengthen their knowledge of literacy and skill in teaching it and who aspire to take on leadership roles at their site, district or with the California Reading and Literature Project.

Click here for the elementary schedule, syllabus and outcomes.

Click here for the secondary schedule, syllabus and outcomes.

If you work in a school in Monterey, Santa Cruz or San Benito County and are interested in this amazing opportunity, please email the regional director, Jeannie Wiechmann, at to inquire about qualifications and the application process. Teachers outside these counties may be able to join if there is room, but will need to pay the $750 tuition fee.


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