A Developmental English Proficiency Test

The ADEPT is a valid and reliable oral language assessment instrument (aligned with the CELDT) that can be used with students across grade levels, K-8. ADEPT assesses a student's ability to understand and generate utterances using a scope and sequence of language forms, or structures, across the five levels of English proficiency. 

The ADEPT assesses key forms, or grammatical structures, through carefully worded prompts that elicit student responses. Responses to these prompts can provide teachers with valuable information and insight into a student's command of each structure and the related general utility vocabulary upon which the use of that structure depends. It assesses both receptive and expressive English langauge proficiency at the first three levels and expressive proficiency at the fourth level. 

ADEPT results can help teachers: 

  • Identify a student's instructional level for ELD instruction

  • Understand a student's language abilities for differentiated instruction

  • Monitor student progress in English proficiency

  • Inform planning for ELD, Frontloading Language, and Reading/Language Arts Instruction

The ADEPT training is 3-5 hours in length, and includes viewing of an interactive DVD, practice administering and scoring ADEPT sub-tests, analyzing results, and participating in small group discussions regarding instructional implications.