Professional Learning Opportunities

CRLP at UC Santa Cruz offers many types of professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators in the region, with a focus on the Common Core ELA/Literacy and California ELD standards and the ELA/ELD Framework.

Programs Overview

The goal of these programs is to enhance teacher knowledge through intensive reading and literature institutes. These institutes strive to: 

  • Maintain professional education communities to support ongoing opportunities for teacher networking 
  • Encourage teacher leadership and learning that helps increase retention of teachers in low-performing, high-priority schools 
  • Provide a range of technical assistance that involves data analysis, professional development planning, and institute implementation 
  • Provide university credit for participants continuing towards National Board Certification
  • Provide support programs for district literacy coaches
  • Provide support for school and district administrators in literacy leadership

Programs Offered in the Monterey Bay region

  • RALLI-Results Academic Language and Literacy Instruction (K-6)

    This institute is designed to provide teachers with the tools and skills necessary to analyze the academic language and literacy demands of complex literary and informational texts. RALLI also supports teachers in designing effective instruction to help their students make meaning from complex grade-level text, whether read aloud to them or read by them with instructional support, and to use evidence from the text to demonstrate comprehension. RALLI core routines include both content and language objectives, following a general sequence for before, during and after reading.

  • Results (Word Recognition and Fluency Assessment and Instruction, K-5)

This institute is designed to provide teachers with support in teaching the Common Core ELA standards related to Foundational Skills. Assessment, interpretation, grouping and instruction are covered in this 2-4 day training.

  • ADEPT (K-8)

    The ADEPT is a valid and reliable oral language assessment instrument (aligned with the CELDT) that can be used with students across grade levels, K-8. ADEPT assesses a student's ability to understand and generate utterances using a scope and sequence of language forms, or structures, across the five levels of English proficiency.

  • CALL-Content Area Language and Literacy (6-12)

    CALL institutes provide secondary educators with the tools and skills necessary to analyze the academic language demands of course-specific texts and materials. CALL supports teachers in designing effective instruction that meets those demands.

  • Testimonials

    Hear what participants in CRLP trainings have to say about their experiences.