RALLI-Results: Academic Language and Literacy Instruction (K-6)

Common Core State Standards Academic Literacy Requirements for the 21st Century

In order to meet the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, one of the key requirements (Anchor Standard #10) is that all students must be able to comprehend texts of steadily increasing complexity as they progress through school.

In order to meet the academic literacy development needs for all students, teachers must support their students in learning how to effectively use text to learn. While there are many sources for learning, text, in all its forms, is indispensable for constructing knowledge and 21st century literacy skills.

The Literacy Framework below is a fundamental component of RALLI. It helps teachers adopt a diagnostic stance in which they informally assess the different factors that affect overall reading ability. This framework is the foundation for effectively differentiating language and literacy instruction in any content area, which will ultimately help students meet the demands of reading complex text.

What Is RALLI?

RALLI is designed to provide teachers with the tools and skills necessary to analyze the academic language and literacy demands of complex literary and informational texts and materials. RALLI supports teachers in designing effective instruction to help their students make meaning from complex grade-level text, whether read aloud to them or read by them with instructional support, and to use evidence from the text to demonstrate their comprehension. Lesson planning includes both content and language objectives and follows a general sequence for before, during, and after reading.

RALLI Institute Overview:

Day 1

-Content Area Text and Task Analysis

-Backward Design Aligned with the Common Core State Standards

-The Background Overview and Vocabulary Instruction

-Receptive and Expressive Tasks

-Text Structures and Features

Day 2

-Comprehension monitoring

-Rigorous questioning

-Text-Based Academic Discussions

-Scaffolding the Expressive Tasks

-Functional Language Practice

-Content Conversation linked to expressive task

Day 3

-Lesson planning

What are the Participant Outcomes for RALLI Institutes?

-Understand what it means to be a literate person in the 21st century, as defined by the Common Core State Standards

-Become familiar with a comprehensive literacy framework that identifies the specific components causing challenges for students

-Learn how to effectively integrate academic language and literacy instruction throughout the instructional day using grade-level literature and subject matter text

-Learn to implement instructional strategies and routines to help make complex text more accessible, increase students' use of academic language, and improve motivation and engagement

-Apply the basic components of backward design and text and task analysis

-Understand why students need explicit instruction in English syntax, grammar, and vocabulary to participate in academic genres, both oral and written

-Learn strategies for differentiation to facilitate access for English Learners across levels of English language proficiency

-Implement a model for sustained teacher collaboration and grade level teams to support implementation of strategies and routines learned in the institute

How Does RALLI Meet the Needs of English Learners

CRLP has a longstanding tradition of providing professional development that helps teachers meet the needs of English Learners. Our teacher leaders understand the everyday challenges of providing rigorous academic language and literacy instruction for English Learners. RALLI routines focus on how to make complex academic text accessible to all students, with a particular emphasis on English Learners.

Academic Literacy Development Across the Content Areas

The Common Core State Standards require an integrated, interdisciplinary model of literacy in which the instruction of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language is embedded in content area instruction. Extensive research establishes the need for college and career ready students to be proficient in reading complex informational text independently in a variety of content areas.

RALLI stresses the importance of improving content area language and literacy instruction for all students in every content area. RALLI offers practical, research-based routines to help teachers make their challenging instructional materials accessible, relevant, and comprehensible. RALLI provides a comprehensive approach that supports teachers in successfully implementing the Common Core State Standards. The end goal is for students to learn to comprehend complex texts across a range of types and disciplines in order to build strong content knowledge.

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