CRLP - What participants have to say:

“From my experience with the California Reading and Literature Project, it was always my dream to work in a school that embraced the principles of in-depth data analysis, teacher leadership, and collaboration.”

                       - Principal, Jennifer Wildman in the book Data Teams Success Stories, Vl. 1 by Kristin Anderson

"When my students first saw the SBAC assessment they said, "This is just like a RALLI task". They were better able to read through the long passages and their written responses were much longer than on past written exams because I have been providing RALLI lessons the past 6 months."

                        - 6th grade teacher, Salinas

“(I appreciated) the expertise of the presenters and how they demonstrated ways to incorporate these ideas/methodologies in a meaningful way.  They recognized and supported the concerns and issues which we face and helped us to think of constructive ways to overcome these obstacles.”

                       - Elementary teacher, Salinas

“Using these strategies has helped me do a better job in “Backward planning,” thus preparing my students better for the Benchmark Test. My students have improved 21% from last year. They are writing better and their grades are higher.”

                       - Secondary teacher,  Monterey

“This has been a most helpful and beneficial workshop.  I’m so looking forward to working on and learning about the ADEPT.”

                       -Elementary teacher, Salinas

"I feel prepared to create thoughtful objectives that will foment language, vocabulary and opportunities to use them in real contexts."

                       - Elementary teacher

“I enjoyed this learning and know it will make a difference for my ELs.  I wish every teacher had this training.”

                        - Elementary teacher

“I find these trainings very useful, there is in my book, no higher praise in education.” 

                       - Elementary teacher

“Very practical and useful trainings, based on research and lots of planning. The delivery of these trainings was well thought out and very applicable.  I truly enjoyed being a part of this and reenacting scenarios with process and solutions.”

                      - Elementary teacher, Santa Cruz

“Frontloading enables limited English speakers to practice speaking with confidence and increases their ability participate in class.”

                      - Kindergarten teacher, Watsonville

“I have been much more aware of the language demands of most grade level science texts. SALT allows me to focus my attention and planning on comprehension and access.”

                       - Secondary teacher, Monterey