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Reading For Social Justice

Culturally Responsive and Antiracist Literature

Teacher Leadership

This ongoing monthly teacher leadership event (fall 2021-spring 2022) will explore culturally and community responsive texts and discuss themes of social justice and antiracism.

Teachers will spend time evaluating the different purposes for each type of literature and how these can be used it with students and families, integrating the Social Justice Standards: The Teaching Tolerance Anti-Biased Framework by Learning For Justice.

Get support through a professional learning community as we read and discuss K-12 literature through the lens of antiracism and social justice, and how to begin taking action as educators.

Teachers, Academic Coaches, and Educational Professionals in the classroom throughout the Monterey Bay Region

To learn how to facilitate courageous conversations with our students online and in person in our classrooms using culturally and community responsive literature and how these important texts

Virtually for the fall of 2021 and possibly in person for the spring of 2022

A Unique Model

The California Subject Matter Project (CSMP) is a statewide network of subject-specific professional development programs for teachers. The University of California Office of the President administers CSMP sites, typically located on UC, CSU, and independent university and college campuses throughout California. CSMP strives to create collaborative programs between regional school districts and universities, bringing together K-12 teachers, and university faculty in a variety of institutes and year long programs. CSMP participants explore effective approaches to teaching, all within a climate that supports reflection and critique. Participation in CSMP is designed to foster the development of teachers’ capability for leadership within schools and within a larger educational arena.

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What teachers are saying about our event 2020-21:

Thank you for your leadership with this Krissy! I appreciate how you are guiding us to tackle these subjects without pressure. It is a delicate balance and you do it well.
Cabrillo College
Kris thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this book club. I have learned a lot about myself. The topics discussed in class are definitely eye-opening. I am planning on teaching my students with a social justice lens. Thanks again, YOU ROCK!
5TH grade teacher Salinas City Elementary School District
Participating with Kris and the other teacher leaders encourages me to do the hard work that is meaningful to myself, students and the future of education, even if on a micro level. I learn something relevant every time, and I feel far less alone in my journey for justice.
Middle School, PVUSD
I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this culturally responsive and antiracist book club for teachers! Kris did an amazing job of curating relevant and engaging texts, as well as facilitating meaningful conversations. Also, I want to thank Kim for co-facilitating some of the discussions. It was great to have two dynamic presenters who both have unique perspectives.
Early Literacy Curriculum Coach, PVUSD

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