Recommended Professional Readings

Our Professional Reading Group is currently reading:

Book cover, My Beloved World

The statewide CRLP directors are currently reading:

Leading Adult Learning book

"Quality Reading Instruction in the Age of the Common Core Standards",  edited by Neuman and Gambrell

"Research-Based Practices for Teaching Common Core Literacy",  edited by P. David Pearson and Elfrieda Hiebert

Additional Texts:

[Article] What is Disciplinary Literacy and Why Does it Matter?-Timothy and Cynthia Shanahan

[Article] Realizing Opportunities for English Learners in the Common Core English Language Arts and Disciplinary Literacy Standards – George Bunch, Amanda Kibler, Susan Pimental

[Article] Putting Students on the Path to Learning- A Case for Fully Guided Instruction

[Article] Advancing Our Students' Language and Literacy-Marilyn Jagar Adams

[Article] Letting the Text Take Center Stage, Shanahan

Websites and online communities:

edmodo-CCSS lessons